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I APPRECIATE ELLIOTT Negin’s perspective on the Washington Post (“How the Bomb Was Spun,” 8/18), but a few recurring themes of his debate still elude me. It seems strange that a historian (or anyone) trying to introduce new understanding and perspectives should be labeled a “revisionist”—are the conventional U.S. views on this significant event to be accepted without question? We can’t change history, but shouldn’t we continue to learn from it? I also keep wondering why, if someone believes that the bombings were a crime against humanity, it is assumed that they have no consideration or compassion for WWII veterans. How could they not? Those who try to educate about the atrocities of nuclear warfare do not do so because they are “unpatriotic” Americans trying to “rewrite” history. They do it because they understand that to repeat history is unthinkable.

Arlington, Va.