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Frank Zappa, bless his crabby soul, was a lodestar of American musical ingenuity—which of course led a mainstream music-biz figure who encountered the Baltimore-born polymath to describe him early in his career as having “no commercial potential.” Ha and double-ha. Now gone to the great cutout bin in the sky—offed by prostate cancer, appropriately for a man who never met a bathroom joke he couldn’t incorporate into a performance—Zappa lived to see his anti-commercialism honored in the coin of the realm with chart hits (“Valley Girl,” “Dancin’ Fool”), his iconoclasm enhanced by progressive radio (“Peaches En Regalia”) and the ever-renewing resource of the dorm room stereo system (“I’m the Slime,” “Don’t Eat Yellow Snow”), and his sociopolitical prescience (“Trouble Every Day”) repeatedly borne out by the headlines. He released or allowed to escape nearly 60 LPs, a tally that locates this collection’s title well within the bounds of stupid hubris, but if you acquire only one Frank Zappa recording, this is a fine one, full of the mean wit, razory musicianship, and occasional unabashed sentiment that the head Mother of Invention brought to his music.