BILL GIFFORD WORKED several days in Greenpeace’s D.C. local office well over a year ago. “Save the World, Six Bucks an Hour” (8/18) was written on evidently grossly imperfect notes, and virtually every statement of fact is incorrect or taken out of context in such a way as to change the meaning.

I understand that the standards of reporting at your paper are rather low, but I hope that you will redress the injustice of the glibly inaccurate portrayal written by Gifford. The incredibly hard-working and dedicated people working for Greenpeace do not deserve to be dismissed so casually.

As galling as the inexactitude of the reporting is, what makes the article more upsetting is the omission of the most essential aspects of Greenpeace. Gifford overlooks all of the philosophical underpinnings of its endeavor. He also does not discuss the important outreach and campaign initiatives undertaken by the local office.

If you are interested in fair and accurate reporting, I suggest you publish another front-page article correcting the skewed picture that you have presented to your readers.

Greenpeace has been the most effective international force for environmental justice for over 20 years. The nonviolent struggle for a radical shift in the dominant paradigm was not born at Greenpeace, but it lives there now. However, its powerful and vitally important actions are undermined by the media. I understand that it is in the short-term economic interest of the major corporate media to misrepresent environmental activism.

I am curious, though, what it serves Washington City Paper or Gifford to undermine the work of Greenpeace, work that is in the best interest of each of us who live on this planet.