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I WOULD ACCUSE YOU OF ripping a page out of my life and printing it without permission if I didn’t know that it went on all over the country. I too worked for an environmental organization similar to Greenpeace, without all the crazy stunts, but with all the other strange ways of bringing in the bucks. I “rapped” many an unsuspecting citizen, and was “spoused” more times than I care to remember. Our office also had the quirky canvasser who, although he didn’t seem to belong, brought in an average of $200 a night. Our quota was only $85.

I too was lured in by the hope of saving the environment and making the outrageous amount of money that an organization falsely advertised. I was naive and didn’t realize that it was too good to be true. Instead I poured out my heart and soul 12 hours a day (sometimes more) for a pittance of a salary that didn’t even average out to minimum wage when all was said and done. Thank you for making me laugh about it.

Foggy Bottom, via the Internet