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I FOUND ELLIOTT NEGIN’S article on the Washington Post‘s pronounced bias in favor of the established orthodoxy regarding Hiroshima interesting and informative (“How the Bomb Was Spun,”8/18). As a reader of the Post over the past year, the coverage was really irritating. Negin should have mentioned the much fairer, objective coverage in the New York Times, the Post‘s main competitor.

Also, Negin might have noted that the Post‘s bias on Hiroshima even extended to television show reviews. Of all people, Ken Ringle was assigned to review Peter Jennings’ program on Hiroshima on ABC and Showtime’s docudrama on the bomb. Unlike other papers who reviewed the program objectively (i.e., Walter Goodman in the New York Times), Ringle let his bias show with a vengeance. He hated Jennings’ show since it raised questions about the “official history,” and loved Showtime’s program since it supported the Truman decision on Hiroshima.

Arlington, Va.