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D.C.’s j.d.’s are getting higher and higher, according to figures released by the D.C. Pretrial Testing Agency. Sixty-eight percent of all juveniles arrested in June tested positive for one or more drugs. That’s the highest rate since the agency began keeping stats in 1986. Of the 220 “lock-ups,” or juveniles charged with serious offenses, 69 percent tested positive for drugs. Of the 34 teens charged with minor offenses, 59 percent tested positive, up from 32 percent in June 1994. A staggering three-fourths of all 16- and 17-year-old offenders failed the urinalysis, as did 42 percent of kids 13 and younger. Of the youths that tested positive, 97 percent had smoked pot, 31 percent were PCP positive, while only 9 percent had used cocaine. (The teen-agers were not tested for heroin or other drugs.) Kathryn Boyer, a spokesperson from the agency, attributes the growing use of marijuana to rap lyrics and T-shirts touting Blunts, which are cigars emptied of their tobacco and refilled with pot. “It has become the norm among young teen-agers, especially teen-age males, [to smoke pot],” she says. “They listen to rap music that talks about smoking Blunts, they wear T-shirts that have Blunts on them. It’s a phase that’s going on today.”