The most depressing thing about neopunk’s recent ascendancy is that it’s all starting to sound sooo ho-hum. Would Oddities, Abnormalities and Curiosities—the new disc by old, old Calipunk outfit Circle Jerks—sound more vital if it was Morning in America all over again? Perhaps. The guitars are scruffy, the tunes are spare, and vocalist Keith Morris’ surf- dude snarl is reasonably convincing. However, two of the musicians are slumming from their regular gigs (reunion tour, anyone?), and, for God’s sake, Debbie—er, “Deborah”—Gibson sings background vocals on a lackluster cover of “I Wanna Destroy You.” Really, impertinent punk irony can only go so far. Still, the Jerks manage a few thrilling moments, such as the slide-guitar tumult of “Sinking Ship” and the unadorned swagger of “Brick,” while the remaining majority of Oddities, if not exactly revolutionary, is perfectly adequate.