Businesspeople don’t generally beg for increased government regulation, but that’s what the D.C. Professional Cab Association wants. The group claims that illegal drivers armed with fake documentation have made their industry unprofitable for legit hacks and unsafe for the city. To get an operator’s license and picture I.D., cabbies must take a city- accredited class, pass a driving test, and meet FBI security clearance standards. But the association claims that counterfeit cabbies are bypassing the rigorous application process by bribing D.C. government employees for fake “face cards.” Complaints to the mayor’s office and the D.C. Council have fallen on deaf ears, so the group has sent a letter to Attorney General Janet Reno warning that without tighter controls, the city could be leveled by fertilizer-packed cab bombs. “Someone could very easily pull into a government complex under the guise of picking someone up, leave the car unattended and blow the whole place up,” says Chairman Nathan Price. “We just want to eliminate the possibility of that ever happening.”