The Clueless soundtrack is the usual mixed bag. What seems to have been the disc’s original concept—power pop/glitter/new wave oldies retooled by current faves—fizzles after the fifth song, at which point the album degenerates into the typical smorgasbord of semi-current, semi-hip, mostly Capitol-affiliated acts, some of them worthwhile, some not. Of the covers, the Muffs’ carbon copy of Kim Wilde’s “Kids in America” ought to be actionable, but the rest are pretty respectable. Cracker delivers a “Shake Some Action” that, while less desperate than the Flaming Groovies’ original, is no less passionate, with lead guitarist Johnny Hickman pulling off the trick of modifying the song’s imposing riff and vocal melody without eviscerating the tune. Counting Crows’ take on “The Ghost in You” and World Party’s “All the Young Dudes” are both inexplicably mournful, but strangely affecting all the same. Other highlights include three bouncy numbers: Luscious Jackson’s disco-rific “Here,” the Lightning Seeds’ “Change” (which borrows the basics of “Come See About Me” and includes a backing chorus of lighter-than-air voices singing what sounds like “She fucked him dry”), and Supergrass’ too-catchy-for-its-own- good “Alright.” The disc ends on a bum note, though, with Jill Sobule’s idiotic “Supermodel.”