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God bless Bob Dole. After years of gangsta rap hogging the censorship spotlight, Dole’s recent attack on the music industry—including a salvo launched at the sick lyrics of Florida deathcore band Cannibal Corpse—reaffirmed heavy metal’s rightful status as Scary Music. Of course Dole never listened to the stuff he was condemning, and wouldn’t know Cannibal Corpse from fellow Floridian death-metal act Deicide. But a quick scan of the lyric sheet for Deicide’s Once Upon the Cross reveals plenty of material for the senator’s next outburst. A sample of song titles: “Confessional Rape,” “Kill the Christian,” “When Satan Rules This World”…get the idea? The laugh-out-loud words accompanying these tunes make Cross a bona fide riot, while its rhythmic jackhammering is more engaging than the work of most Sunshine State devil-worshipers. While it’s difficult to tell from the sleeve photos if vocalist Glen Benton is still burning upside-down crosses into his forehead at live shows, he’s still creepy enough to terrify the likes of Dole. Or perhaps even people as young as your parents.