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FSOL is a sobriquet for the British techno duo Future Sound of London, as was Amorphous Androgynous, an earlier incarnation. In both cases, these side-projects incandescently outshine the dim star that was last year’s Lifeform album—a jelly-filled new-age mess. (ISDN refers to a phone link that FSOL used to broadcast the album’s 15 tracks from its studio.) Originally released as a limited- edition 12-inch, ISDN has been thoughtfully reissued with extra tracks and a booklet that cryptically describes FSOL’s broadcast intentions; the duo assert that by performing to people via phone links, rather than a traditional live venue, they created a philosophical statement on the death of rock ‘n’ roll and, presumably, the ascension of a new kind of concert experience. Much of the album sounds improvised, mixing freaky keyboards over heavy hiphop beats that recall Scorn’s malevolent ambient dub. Fitting the former description is the appealing “The Far Out Son of a Lung and the Ramblings of a Madman,” whosefunky, echoed trumpet is reminiscent of Miles Davis’ on Bitches Brew. Future Sound of London should stick with the shortened moniker, and continue to produce the almost-ecumenical music that makes ISDN so revelatory.