Tim Miller was the most “x-posed” of last year’s “Single X-posures” performance artists, so perhaps it’s natural that he should return to D.C. in an evening with “naked” in the title. In My Queer Body, he joked and danced his way through a series of taboo-flouting vignettes and fantasies designed to define queerness without the baggage of heterosex. This time, he’s telling a pair of longer autobiographical stories about his teen lust in the sawdust (he was a 19-year-old carpenter), and his marginally more cautious romantic encounters 12 years later. Best known as one of the “NEA Four” performance artists who were de-funded when conservative critics charged that their work was obscene, Miller’s been touring to rapturous reviews for more than a year with this show. He’s here for a two-week run Tuesday-Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Woolly Mammoth Theater, 1401 Church St. NW. $22-35. (202) 393-3939. (Bob Mondello)