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I AM EXTREMELY DISturbed by your use and description of the words oral sex and blowjob(“Erotic City: A Sexual History of the District,” 7/28). Can you explain/describe the difference between the two terms? The term “oral sex” was used in speaking of former Assistant U.S. Attorney Donald Robinson Jr.’s sexual escapade with prostitute Loretta Butler, who publicly announced the sexual activity in September 1976. The term “blowjob” was used in speaking of then ex-Mayor Barry, who allegedly received a blowjob from court stenographer Patricia Holbrooke. If these acts are the same, why is the wording not consistent? By using two different words to describe the same act, your article led me to conclude that the black male is continuously portrayed negatively. So is it that the sexual act committed in 1976 is now known by a different term or is it that we have a racial bias in your article? The term for the act allegedly committed in the 1990 timeline is very derogatory.

Today, there are debates concerning the abolishment of affirmative action. If all men are created equal, how come the media is still presenting a difference in the same action done by a white male versus a black male? This one reason among many is why affirmative action should exist and why the negative perception of the black male is constantly growing.

I would appreciate an explanation from the newspaper justifying the difference in the working of the same act done by the same gender but of a different race. The newspaper should join in trying to stop stereotypical connotations from existing.

Upper Marlboro, Md.