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Sex Aid Device for Males

Patent No. 4,429,689; 1984

Can serve as a splint for men suffering complete impotence, or simply as a friendly occasional helper. A belt slips around the wearer’s waist, and attached tubes enwrap the penis, helping to simulate an erection.

Body Harness

Patent No. 2,594,097; 1952

For “use in the promotion of marital accord and thereby making the marriage more pleasurable and healthful for the participants.” The wife dons the belt, from which hang adjustable straps. The husband puts his feet in stirrups at the end of those straps. Thus, when the husband pushes down on the stirrups, “the body of the female wearer is drawn downward, and by the same pressure he is moved upward and firmly supported.”

Protective Undergarment

Patent No. 4,599,751; 1986

Chain-mail panties that “cannot be removed without tools which are not normally carried by a man intent upon a sexual attack.” The wearer carries the key to the lock.

Hygienic Device

Patent No. 4,815,456; 1989

The two holes in the latex strip fit over the wearer’s ears, and the round protuberance covers the wearer’s tongue. “For providing reduced opportunity for germs viruses and other substances from entering the human mouth under various circumstances”—such as oral sex.

Unisex Condom

Patent No. 4,966,165; 1990

This all-purpose latex sheath can be worn by either men or women, and covers the vagina or penis, plus the anus.

Apparatus Useful in Suppression of Spermatogenesis

Patent No. 4,078,556; 1978

A male birth-control device, this chair emits ultrasonic vibrations that temporarily suppress sperm production.