GOD HELP THIS COMMUnity! When two so-called “activists” and Loose Lips (7/7) agree on Steve Michael and have nothing more important to write or complain about—wow—we are in big trouble!

In his way, Steve is making a valiant effort to draw attention to the most important life and death issue in our community. We woke up for one frightful moment of awareness early in the epidemic, but most of us have chosen to forget or ignore AIDS ever since, returning to our selfish, self-centered fantasy. Steve haunts the Congress, the impotent council, and the mayor, shoving their faces in reality. Animal rights, indeed! When you wake up with your lover dying by your side, you will thank God for Steve Michael, Wayne Turner, and the few others who care enough to keep us focused on the disaster of our lifetime. Others go on curling their eyelashes and waxing their bodies.

If Washington City Paper really is at a loss for issues, try visiting a cellblock at Lorton, or the city jail, where people, not animals, are dying of AIDS, hepatitis, and tuberculosis daily. This is our correction system you don’t even mention.

Steve Michael was the only activist to speak up at the control board hearing, and he spoke loud and clear for the entire community. I’m proud to be an acquaintance of Steve, and hope you all have the common decency to apologize for your rash, unjust condemnation. We all have bad days, and that issue brought out your worst.

Logan Circle