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Listen Up: Voices From the Next Feminist Generation (Seal Press) is for budding activists who prefer confessional magazine articles to theoretical essays—although its 28 contributors sometimes oversimplify for the sake of a conversational tone. This volume, compiled by Ms. executive editor Barbara Findlen, offers a crash course in feminist basics. Four of Listen Up‘s writers are Washington-area women: Abra Fortune Chernik candidly discusses her battle with anorexia in a harrowing yet almost-too-familiar piece that justifies the conclusions of The Beauty Myth; HIV/AIDS researcher Lisa Bowleg explains how she became politicized and came out as a lesbian after her move from her native, nonfeminist Bahamas to the U.S.; USA Today reporter Ellen Neuhorne critiques sexism in the workplace in a reactionary piece that calls one man a “pig,” talks down to its audience (“Do you think you would recognize sexism at work immediately? Are you sure?”), and otherwise reveals the need for a new “next feminist” rhetoric. Perhaps the most unexpected point-of-view belongs to Sonja D. Curry-Johnson, who convincingly reconciles her marriage, stay-at-home motherhood, and religious beliefs with a feminist outlook. To outsiders, Curry-Johnson admits, she embodies a conservative, “June Cleaver” view of womanhood. But even the most radical readers will recognize that her unwavering self-respect makes her a feminist exemplar.