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D.C. quintet Racecar may have recently souped up its name (from Paint), but its engine is still in tempo with indie-pop’s go-cartish tendencies. Its debut, Girlish, is a pleasant collection of guitar-based songs enlivened by Jina Yi’s passionate vocals (despite somewhat lugubrious lyrics). Influences like Velocity Girl (the noisy dynamics of “Dislocated Mind”), Unrest (the limber, jangly style of “Wonderment”), New Order (drummer Brian McLaughlin echoes Stephen Morris’ incessant high-hat on “Corvair”), and Curve (the powerfully hypnotic “Killed a Man”) surface regularly on Girlish, but the disc isn’t entirely derivative. Producer Harry Evans, of the Virginia-based band Poole, gives Racecar a refreshingly dry sound, allowing ample space between the crisp twin guitars of Werner and Christopher Paul and Brian Gray’s chunky bass. Girlish is available from Queenie Records, Peter Stuyve