Kix hasn’t lasted 19 years by changing musical direction, and the band’s latest, Show Business, has all the power chords, lewd humor (“Put My Money Where Your Mouth Is”), and adolescent pining and whining (“She Loves Me Not”) the erstwhile Hagerstown headbangers have always delivered. There isn’t a lyric or a lick on Business that doesn’t sound pretty familiar: “Fireballs” is a dead ringer for AC/DC’s “TNT,” while “I’m Bombed” evokes Yes’ “Round about.” Before the end of the 10- song disc, Donnie Purnell—the combo’s bassist, producer, mixer, and chief songwriter—even borrows from himself. The similarity of track three, “Fireballs,” and track eight, “Fireboy,” is more than titular. For information on the band call (919) 269-5508.