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IT IS DIFFICULT TO BElieve the abuse to which freedom of the press is sometimes subjected. Child pornography is one example. Another example is the vile, vicious, and offensive “cartoon” you reproduced in your newspaper on June 23.

This putrid slur depicts a group of grotesquely drawn police officers “celebrating” the execution of Wesley Cook (aka Mumia Abu-Jamal).

There is no point in mentioning that Cook brutally and coldbloodedly murdered a police officer. You wouldn’t care anyway. There is no point in asking you to produce the nonexistent “suppressed testimony” to which you refer. Truth is a stranger to you. Facts and evidence mean even less.

I only have one question: Is your newspaper always dispensed on a cardboard roll? If so, wrap yourself in it and don’t forget to flush.

President, Lodge No. 5, Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police, Philadelphia, Pa.