THE LOOSE LIPS ARTICLE which reported on the tantrums and tribulations of Steve Michael (7/7) inaccurately stated that Michael attacked demonstrators at a “PETA” protest outside Trumpets restaurant. The following points were missing from the report.

The June 22 demonstration was held by Lambda Humane, an organization comprised of lesbians, gay men, and bisexual individuals who are interested in promoting animal rights issues within the gay community.

The demonstration was called in response to a special event for which Trumpets advertised a menu which included veal, foie gras, lobster, and rabbit sausage. Lambda Humane took this opportunity to educate the public regarding the cruel and offensive practices inherent to the menu, such as the mechanical force-feeding of grain to “foie gras” ducks and the severe confinement of “veal” calves.

Not only did Michael assault the activists, he called one man a “wimpy faggot” as he struck him (an action punishable under the definition of D.C. hate-crime law).

Michael explained his violent actions by relaying his anger with those who “stop our work and make us deal with things that don’t matter to me.” Exactly what was the “work” he claims justifies his assault on another gay man? According to a report in the Washington Blade, Michael was having cocktails and appetizers at Trumpets until he learned of the Lambda Humane protest.

While AIDS is a serious issue in need of immediate and considerable attention, it is not necessary to stop work in all other areas in which society needs to progress. Violence continues to take a serious toll on the gay community, and Michael is not helping the situation.

Lambda Humane, Washington, D.C.