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“Alright [sic], call me a dumbfuck,” began one letter to the August issue of Thrasher magazine by a bewildered and angry skater dude, “but I just found out the other day that Washington DC wasn’t in the state of Washington.” The 18-year-old California high- school student—who “passed government and geography” classesThrasher on DC skaters and skate spots too,” he writes, adding that these were no help in pinpointing the District. “I found out where it was by looking at this US map.” Despite graphic evidence to the contrary, Mr. Geography asserts, “I’m not that stupid. How I made it through not knowing this, I don’t know.” He publicized his traumatic revelation so that legions of fellow skate rats won’t make the same mistake. As this self- dubbed “DC Dumbass” concluded, “I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”