As if to spite the legions of frat boys that now gyrate on the nation’s dance floors and scream, “I want to fuck you like an animal,” Nine Inch Nails Hauptführer Trent Reznor has released Further Down the Spiral, a lengthy series of remixes from The Downward Spiral performed by his band and such ambient luminaries as Aphex Twin and Coil. It’s a difficult package that most of Reznor’s new fans will hate—and that’s probably fine with him. Yet Further is more distracting than the average ambient output: While NIN megahit “Closer” is nowhere to be found, two of the three refashionings of the caustic “Mr. Self Destruct” affect a fresh brutality, while Barkmarket’s Dave Sardy turns “Piggy” into a noisy hiphop outburst. Admittedly, none of these remixes is an actual improvement on the original, but Reznor and his pals keep them consistently diverting.