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Also quite Cugat, and more slick and swanky than much of Mambo Mania is Mondo Mambo! The Best of Pérez Prado, a 20-cut sampling of the energetic output of “El Rey del Mambo,” Pérez Prado. For thirsty cocktail nationals seeking more more more, this disc should satisfy both ironic and discocentric cravings. The former is exemplified by Prado’s breakthrough American pop hit, 1955’s “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White,” featuring the great drunk-seeming trumpet solo by Billy Regis. Listening to the horn soar and collapse, it’s easy to suspect a Spike Jones novelty number—but Prado is sincere and the song is for real. Prado’s next chart-topper, 1958’s “Patricia,” delivers skating-rink organ and a wobbly legged pulse that again might be filed under “cheese” were it not for the utter conviction of the playing. One must loosen the collar stays and tie-tacks when the great Beny Moré wails his lustrous vocals on “Pachito E-Ché” and “Anabacoa.” Also jazzing up the set are the tracks “Perdido” (featuring Doc Cheatham on trumpet), “Perfidia,” and “Frenesi.” A Peruvian Roman Catholic Cardinal once declared that those who dance the mambo will be denied absolution. On the contrary—Prado’s mondo mambo is the solution.