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A slick collection of 10 mostly soft, occasionally jazzy soul and funk songs, Annie Sidley’s Other Side of the Sun sounds as if it could very well be a major-label release. It’s not even a minor-label one, however. Produced by her husband Steve, the album doesn’t pretend to an imprint; it simply provides copyright credits for the songs, seven of which were written by one or both Sidleys, and the other three by guitarist Alan Scott. Family affair though it is, Side hardly takes a rec-room approach; the album’s impeccably produced sound provides high-gloss settings for Sidley’s full, fluid voice. Indeed, sometimes the technique is overpowering; in making an album that so diligently emulates commercial mainstream pop-soul, the Sidleys have sacrificed some of the personality that distinguishes handcrafted from factory-tooled music. Sidley celebrates the disc with a CD-release gig June 30 at the Bayou; for more info, call the Annie Sidley hot line at (301) 897-3648.