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EVEN THOUGH CLARA JEFfery sat next to me for 45 minutes before my match on Local Quizine (“This Is Your Life?,” The District Line, 6/23), she never bothered to talk to me or even to introduce herself. (She must have aced her Advanced Non-Interviewing classes in J-school.) As a result, there were several errors in her story that could have been easily avoided. I didn’t “storm out of my match” because I thought the game was fixed; I left quickly because I wanted to get to another appointment and because I was mad at myself for losing the match because I flubbed a question about card games (not about 50-year-olds). Even though there was no audience—the only people watching the show were my parents, other contestants, and Jeffery—I felt bad because I did not give the show my best work.

I was also puzzled by Jeffery’s snide remarks about everyone who took part in the show. Lots of Washingtonians spend their Saturdays in pastimes that do not lead to profit or power. Taking part in a quiz show isn’t that much different than being in a choral society or an amateur theatrical group. I won’t take part in Local Quizine again—I had my chance and I blew it—but I’m glad that David Fialkoff put the show together and I’m happy to have participated.

Silver Spring, Md.