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Drivers picking up passengers at National Airport have grown used to tarrying in front of the terminals, but time’s up. Last Saturday, four Washington Airport Regional Authority officers assigned to the USAir/Delta terminal told drivers they’d better get moving. Or else. With shiny whistles clenched between their teeth, and creases in their shirts that could cut steak, the crew-cut ramrods moved traffic as quickly and brusquely as MPs. “Career officer, Marine Corps,” admitted one, rattling off the service records of his partners. The unit flagged down a car with suspended tags and had it towed. “This sucks,” exclaimed the offending motorist as his passengers abandoned him to catch a cab. “Saw another one,” said a second officer, a 26-year NYPD veteran, “but I think he made me.” Asked if the stringent enforcement was post-OK City fear of idling cars, the first officer shook his head. “It all depends on the officers; we’re just doing our job.” He spotted a car on its fourth attempt to park and waved it back onto the road. “I’m a badass,” he said. “At least that’s what my wife tells me.”