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The Roches are like weird cousins whose quirks can’t be ignored but aren’t enough to get them kicked out of the family reunion. As if determined to stay perched perpetually on the rim of the music business, the New York-based sisters have insisted for years on writing and performing complicated, charming music shot through with jagged streaks of sadness and insight. On Can We Go Home Now, the sisters sing in harmonies as gorgeous as any in the pop canon about childhood loneliness, stroke-ridden fathers, runaway moms, abused neighbors, and boyfriends who would like to be Christlike but are prone to cannibalistic savagery. But not every entry is pathological. Echoing the Roches’ brilliant encapsulation of the “Hallelujah Chorus,” Home opens with “The Great Gaels,” a 19-second a cappella homage to the sisters’ Celtic roots, and closes with “My Winter Coat,” an irresistible eight-minute paean to a beloved garment. In a shower of clever couplets, the women analyze the pleasure and practicality conferred by its every imaginable aspect, including the lining: “It’s nylon so your skirts don’t wind/Up in a bunch around your behind.”