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JUNE 23 & 24

In his previous incarnation, circa Living With the Law, one-time blues guitarist Chris Whitley’s incredibly deft steel playing and unfeigned howls of heartache made him one of the most compelling one-man live acts going. But for his daring new release, Din of Ecstasy, Whitley traded in his acoustic National for a Les Paul and picked up an anarchic and raucous rhythm section. The altered tunings and angst are still there, but in adopting his novel Robert Johnson-meets-Sub Pop persona, Whitley’s had to forsake the vocal subtlety of previous efforts just to keep up with the cacophony. Most bands couldn’t make this much noise if their bus crashed. At 10 p.m. at 15 Minutes, 1030 15th St. NW. $6. (202) 408-1855. (Dave McKenna)