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The brief and stormy marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Country Music produced some of the best work of their careers—psychotic duets of domestic torment that give warning to all who dare walk down the aisle. Since their breakup, George Jones and Tammy Wynette have spent as much time in hospitals and rehab clinics as recording studios, but both—especially Jones—have made impressive comebacks in recent years. Sure, they still look like hell (their fancy makeovers only lend them a grotesque Jim-and-Tammy aura), but the reformed and still divorced couple make a graceful reunion on One: There’s nothing here as chillingly dramatic as “The Ceremony,” but the disc’s rather average songs are salvaged by the couple’s effortless harmonies, as they spar with a warmth they never had on their earlier work during the years of flying lamps and 911 calls. On the best number, George complains that a “skirt” got a promotion that he deserved while Tammy (whose throaty sassiness always put her above Loretta and Nashville’s other screech queens) chides her sexist ex, “If God met you, She wouldn’t like you.” Though the production lacks a soap-opera maestro like Billy Sherrill (who drenched the duo’s Epic hits with lush orchestration), the fiddlework of Glenn and Stuart Duncan provides the required ambience of weepy regret.