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What does the Want want? More than it can handle, evidently. On the aptly titled Too Much Stuff, this local quartet convincingly covers the Fall’s “Wings,” but also performs a country-rock health-scare ditty (“Lifetime Exposure”), an Eastern- tinged erotic reverie featuring sax and an unlikely title (“Naked Pretzels”), and an Ultravox-meets-Fugazi art-punk number complete with the sound of breaking glass (“Dreams Never End”). The coda of “Tormented Soul” echoes Reichian minimalism, only to yield to the bouncy “Never Come Back,” which suggests happy-go-lucky ’50s rock (notably Mickey and Sylvia’s “Love Is Strange”). The band, which will have a CD release party Saturday at 15 Minutes, should probably lay off the social commentary of songs like “Subway” (inspired, apparently, by tales of unruly Wilson High kids on the Red Line). Still, Stuff demonstrates more than a few directions this skillfully eclectic outfit might profitably explore further. The 15- song album is available from Selling the Ranch Records, P.O. Box 7298, Arlington, VA 22207.