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CONGRATULATIONS! JONETta Rose Barras finally found a refuge to house her extremely subjective and cynical views of African-Americans in the District, abroad, and apparently in general (“Black Hole,” 5/19). Pity that a paper with minimal popularity among ethnic groups would print this portrait of self-hatred and risk angering a community of folks who know better.

Those of us who have known Barras as a journalist and witnessed firsthand her notorious style of angry journalism had deduced her constant bitter state as the result of a dysfunctional personal life. But after reading “Black Hole,” I truly feel sorry that a person would be so desperate for recognition as to callously discredit the thousands of responsible and qualified African-Americans all over this country who lead their community every day in the world of business, in the arts and sciences, and in the fields of communications and politics.

Though Barras’ piece focuses mainly on leaders in the District, she concludes that the black community as a whole is suffering from the demise highlighted in her article. However, the successes of producer Oprah Winfrey, astronaut Mae Jemison, Speaker of the California House of Representatives Willie Brown, retired Gen. Colin Powell, and former head of Planned Parenthood Faye Wattleton are unsurpassed in their fields by anyone of any color.

Logan Circle