When Eagle Maintenance Inc. and their subcontractors hit the avenues of upper Northwest last Monday as part of their contract to pick up the city’s recyclables, they found themselves competing with scores of free-lance scavengers who refused to give up the garbage ghost. Contrary to news reports, college students have continued to use Ryder trucks to pick up recyclables on Saturday. Even if residents waited until Monday to put out their waste, cherry-pickers seemed determined to deprive Eagle of profits in the lucrative newsprint market. One innovative businessman earned admiration by giving an entirely new meaning to the notion of recycling: He began delivering the Washington Times at 2 a.m., and after completing his run, he recircled the same neighborhood in search of his customers’ discarded Sports sections. By 9:30 a.m., he was on his way to the Alexandria recycling center with his second pickup full of paper. His profit for each load: about 60 bucks. Who says print is dead?