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WHY HASN’T THE WHITE community produced leaders worth following (“Black Hole,” 5/19)?

It’s easy to smirk and feel smug about clowns like Mayor Barry—until you try to name one decent white political leader. Ronald Reagan was a dangerous buffoon who is still revered by most whites after bankrupting our nation. Criminal appointees? How about all of the indicted Reagan or Nixon appointees? Today’s white democrats? Gep hardt receives more PAC money than any other congressman of either party. Four other Democrats take more PAC money than Newt Gingrich. The great courageous white Democratic leaders were all too scared to run against Bush, leaving the field to Clinton, another focused, courageous man of integrity, who really makes tough leadership stands. Clinton’s administration will probably spend as much time in court as Barry’s.

White people feel real superior when they watch the circus in the D.C. government. Look at the circus in our national government run by white people. Or, if you want to focus on Maryland, Gov. Agnew and Gov. Mandel both ended up in jail. In Virginia, Chuck Robb’s personal scandals are as ridiculous as anything coming out of D.C. Gov. Allen is an idiot on the take. Jesse Helms! Dan Rostenkowski!

We Americans are in danger of becoming a Third World country and losing everything we take for granted, everything the rest of the world wants very badly. It goes much deeper than black or white, male or female, gay or straight. As long as we Americans avoid solving our own problems by blaming or feeling superior to another group, we are wasting time. Life is very short!

Silver Spring, Md., via the Internet