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I AM WRITING TO TAKE exception to the item in “News Bites” (5/19) about a piece by Vice President Al Gore that appeared in the Washington Post.

The Washington Post invited the vice president to contribute to its “Transportation, Technology, and Telecommunications” supplement an Op-Ed on a subject of great interest and concern to him—access for Americans living in rural areas to the information superhighway. The themes in the article reflect those from speeches the vice president has made and other articles he has published over the course of the last two-and-one-half years. The issue is one with which he has been actively engaged for nearly 20 years.

Since you label the vice president’s piece as “run-of-the-mill propaganda,” I assume that you did not actually read it; I have attached a copy for your information. You will find nothing that could be construed to “support info-ads” from any company. Our office did not know, nor did we ask, which businesses and organizations would place advertisements in the supplement, since we do not choose media outlets based on their advertisers.

While this administration welcomes frank criticism or discussion of its policy positions, I must object to your false and misleading statements regarding the content of the vice president’s article and your opining about where it appeared.

Chief Domestic Policy Advisor, The White House, Washington, D.C.