Popping a cold one after a hard day at work remains one of life’s small pleasures for many a weary Joe. But some D.C. Department of Public Works (DPW) employees apparently just don’t have the patience to wait for happy hour. Already beset by mounting garbage, ever-bolder rats, and budget cuts, DPW now apparently boasts its own mobile corps of on-the-clock beer drinkers. Dwayne Smith, a concerned, binocular-wielding citizen, says he has watched workers in DPW caps guzzle beer while they lounge in and around city vehicles. According to Smith, their favorite watering hole is a lot at the corner of 5th and H Streets NE, where they hang out with a group of vagrant regulars. Smith has sent letters detailing the descriptions, license-plate numbers, and beer preferences (Budweiser, mainly) of the sotted sanitation engineers to DPW Director Larry King, Mayor Marion Barry, and other D.C. officials. Smith has yet to receive a reply, but he vows to continue documenting taxpayer-funded DPW beer bashes: “This is an issue that I will not let die until the culprits are punished.”