Last week, it was reported in this column that longtime Lafayette Park protester William Thomas suggested that, to protect the president, the government encase the White House in a large glass dome instead of closing Pennsylvania Avenue. On Friday, May 26, Thomas was arrested by the Metropolitan Police for refusing to obey an officer’s request to move a sign reading “Wanted: Wisdom and Honesty” from the former thoroughfare. Thomas maintains he didn’t have to obey the cop’s order, since he was executing his First Amendment rights. “The placement of the sign is important to me. My means of expression are very limited. Having a sign 5 or 10 feet to the east or to the west could make the difference in whether or not the message on the sign is included in a picture that someone takes home and shows to several friends, thus spreading the message,” notes Thomas. He is scheduled to appear in court on June 27 to answer to the charges. In the meantime, Thomas says he plans to ask the court to issue a restraining order preventing police from interfering in his Pennsylvania Avenue protests.