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Love 666’s American Revolution incorporates thunking drums, muddied guitars, and tromping rhythms…so, of course, it must be released by Minneapolis- based noise label Amphetamine Reptile. But while this trio—erstwhile locals currently living in their van as they tour—approximate that classic AmRep death rattle, vocalist Dave Unger’s delicate intonation gives songs like “MDMA” and “National” a beguilingly iconoclastic bent. To keep things interesting, though, drummer Angel spends “Preparation for Combat” ranting about our culture’s “self-fucking destruction” amid a crashing din. But it is guitarist Gary Mono’s jazzy riffing that most distinguishes Love 666: The languid dissonance of “Hard Rock Amerika” feeds nicely into the arching noise of “U.S.A.,” providing Unger’s grim lyrics—“Everybody’s got a gun/It’s nothing but a party”—with a satisfyingly desperate background.