There seem to be countless bands performing the fiddle-and-accordion-driven rhythms of Cajun music these days, but only a few stay true to the sound’s historical framework and develop their own distinctive style. Beausoleil is one such group. Recorded live at a series of concerts in New York City in 1986 and ’87, Vintage Beausoleil documents bandleader Michael Doucet and Co.’s knowledge and love of traditional Cajun music and their ability to play it without sounding like a retro cover band. And as demonstrated on other Beausoleil records, Doucet is an excellent composer in his own right. The focus here, though, is on traditional material he’s adapted for the band and on songs by Acadian masters like Dennis McGee and Nathan Abshire, who many had forgotten before the ’80s Cajun revival. Vocalist and fiddle player Doucet’s attachment to the music shows not only in his band’s punchy concert performances (featuring unique-to-the-genre saxophone and percussion work), but in his liner notes to songs such as “Belle” and “Maman Rosin,” which offer observations like “Fun, fun, fun!”