Commencement ceremonies have come and gone (except at George Washington University, that is), and late at night, if you listen real close, you can almost hear frantic grads tapping away at cover letters. This is where Benjamin Scott Psillas comes in: His inform ative, user-friendly Washington Job Source lists metro-area employers, contact names, and job hot lines. Psillas, 27, moved to Georgetown in 1990 after graduating with a finance degree from West Virginia University. “I purchased one of the…books that are now my competitors, and I felt like it wasn’t what I wanted,” he says. So he created a company, MetCom Inc., and published the first edition of Job Source in 1993; this year, the third edition is in bookstores. Although the upbeat volume’s job- and internship-hunting advice is generic, there’s an excellent state-by-state listing of current House and Senate representatives and their assistants. And Psillas isn’t stopping with D.C.: “I’m planning a Pittsburgh job source and a Baltimore job source,” he says. “They’re both emerging cities.”