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In an open letter printed in the May edition of American Rifleman, National Rifle Association (NRA) Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre notes that a year ago his flock gave him “marching orders” to move the association to a brand-new building in Fairfax, Va. LaPierre says the time has come to take aim on a name for the headquarters. “The name must be a powerful symbol of our building and its mission—the world’s strongest bulwark against attacks on our freedom,” he intones, and asks members to pick between “Patriot’s Hall,” “Center for the Defense of the Constitution,” “Freedom Hall,” and the “Second Amendment Center.” If none of those names trips NRA boosters’ trigger, they should call 1-800-853-4NRA with an alternate. We propose a few suggestions: Guns “R” Us; Death Star; or the Center for Psychotic Behavior Up To—But Not Necessarily Including—Blowing Up Federal Buildings.