MAY 18

The recent passing of Ginger Rogers prompted a rash of tributes and the usual misty laments over the disappearance of style from the dance floor. But we’re not orphans yet. Frankie Manning is still with us—and at the age of 80, still moving his feet. He is also more intrinsic to our popular culture, being the innovator of an entire dance craze. In 1935, as a member of “Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers” at Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom, Manning got the notion to toss his partner into the air and catch her (one hopes with her cooperation), thus transforming the Charles Lindbergh-inspired “Lindy hop” into the more acrobatic “jitterbug.” Thus was a prime piece of Americana created. But the Tony Award-winning choreographer seems humble about his place in history. Says Manning: “I would like others to know what a happy dance this is.” The oscillating octogenarian will be accompanied by Mickey Davidson, Debbie Williams, and Charles Young. The equally authentic Brooks Tegler’s Hot Jazz will supply le jazz hot at noon at the Library of Congress’ Jefferson Building, Neptune Plaza, 1st & Independence Ave. FREE. (202) 707-2905. (Dave Nuttycombe)