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I WAS IMMEDIATELY DUbious when I saw one line of Steve Michael and Wayne Turner’s letter (The Mail, 5/5): “Why doesn’t City Paper regularly publish safe-sex guidelines?” I thought, “Because it’s not news; they don’t have the space.” But then I read the whole letter, and I changed my mind.

Even porno movies now often carry a blurb about safe sex. It would be simple enough for Washington City Paper to create a small boxed statement and run it on the “Matches” pages, or in that section of goofy 900-number ads about “Live, Sizzling Sex With Hot Swedish Babes!” (OK, it might even be the only intelligent thing on the page.) Since “Matches” is a forum for people who plan to get intimate with strangers, you would be effectively targeting the audience in greatest need of this information.

You might even consider setting up a special CP “mailbox” number that readers could call to get free information on safe sex and other AIDS-prevention practices. This service could be provided with very little loss of ad space and would provide an urgently needed public service.

Adams Morgan