ALTHOUGH I AM PLEASantly surprised that Eddie Dean converted to a fan of XTRA-104’s new “all-’70s” format (“Sucking Up to the ’70s,” The District Line, 5/5), his article completely omits any mention of the two groups that probably sold the most records and 45s (remember them?) during that decade—Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles, which are on heavy rotation both at 104.1 FM and the “new” 94.7 FM, which has been emphasizing ’70s tunes for over a year. Also, nary a reference to Bruce Springsteen, whose Jersey-shore cult following exploded into national recognition following Born to Run in 1975.

Finally, if Dean really thinks Billy Joel “sucked” in the ’70s, he obviously hasn’t listened to the Piano Man’s pre-52nd Street albums from 1973-78, performed by a hungrier, angrier musician than the ’90s version.

Dean also missed the real reason ’70s music seems to be making a comeback. The people who grew up listening to Wings and Bob Seger are now in their 30s and early ’40s, entering their prime consumption years. Back in the late ’70s, there were dozens of radio stations playing ’50s music; in 2005, I’m sure Washington City Paper will publish an article “discovering” that entrepreneurial radio stations such as XTRA-104 and 94.7 are going to an all-’80s format, so we can relive the Go-Go’s and Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Relax.

Arlington, Va.