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I THINK PEOPLE SHOULD try to go a week without TV to prove to ourselves we’re not dependent! Henry Labalme’s TV-Free America (“Tune Out, Drop In,” The District Line, 5/5) has a respectable mission that is not appreciated by the general population. I had a taste of life without TV for six months last year when I decided to move to Prague. I once spent a whole weekend in the Czech countryside with no TV or electricity—it’s amazing the stories you hear when people have to talk to each other, stories about families split by the Iron Curtain, adapting and living with that hardship. I also discovered all sorts of new activities that required active thinking! Witness—one of my new favorite activities—writing! TV has its positive effects, but its pervasiveness and its effects on our culture are not entirely positive. Other outlets for entertainment and self enrichment become less tangible to younger generations who ask, “What did people do at night after work, before TV?” As my father likes to tell me about so many things, moderation is the key!

Arlington, Va., via the Internet