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While Ministry and Nine Inch Nails have brought the industrial/crossover sound significant notoriety, industrial mainstay KMFDM has continued to release its clanging noise explorations to little notice. The Chicago-based outfit’s new Nihil won’t necessarily change that, but the disc does have two things going for it: It’s released into perhaps the friendliest market ever for industrial noise, and, more important, it’s characterized by solid danceability. Naturally, Nihil boasts several tracks employing the now-familiar fusion of pounding synths and metal guitars—the convulsed courses of “Ultra” and “Terror” are especially engaging—but it’s KMFDM’s use of choral vocalizing on tunes like “Juke Joint Jezebel” and “Beast” that make much of this disc suitable for dance floor as well as mosh pit. And if KMFDM’s political grandstanding is occasionally repetitive (lyrics of the “Ignorance is your religion” variety abound), the vocal harangues are at least convincingly outraged.