The District’s commuter arteries are generally clogged tighter than Elvis’ jumpsuit—or his arteries, for that matter. So comparisons with that pinnacle of automotive speed and daring, the Indianapolis 500, seem absurd. But today, more than 40 “mini-Indy” cars (and can we stop and repeat that goofy tongue-twister: mini-Indy, mini-Indy, mini-Indy!) will reach speeds approaching the posted limits as they careen along a course bounded by 19th, 20th, L, and M Streets NW for the “1995 Red Dog D.C. Grand Prix for MS.” That many bars are located in this area and a beer company is sponsoring this event should remind everyone: Only drink and drive for charity. From 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at 19th Street, between L & M Streets NW. FREE. (202) 296-3425. (Dave Nuttycombe)