According to a suit filed with the Superior Court, Hamad Alqahtani, a Kuwaiti who wished to transfer from Northern Virginia Community College to George Washington University (GWU), claims that Don Driver, a GWU admissions officer, made the transfer conditional on a $10,000 bribe. Alternatively, according to the complaint, Alqahtani could have sex with another male GWU admissions officer. Driver explained these unusual requirements should not pose a problem to Alqahtani because all Arabs are “rich and homosexual.” In a subsequent conversation, which Alqahtani claims he taped, Driver repeated the sexual stipulation or recommended that Alqahtani forge immigration documents. When Alqahtani complained to Kathy Onion, the assistant director for international undergraduate admissions, he claims she told him he should expect such racial stereotyping. Alqahtani is suing Driver, Onion, and GWU for $3 million, and has rallied the support of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee on his behalf.