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Washington Citifax, a weekly newsletter put out by the Mayor’s Office of Communication, dedicates most of its space to telling readers that the District’s head of economic development loves sky diving or that the current chief financial officer is a Nebraska country boy at heart. But the April 13 edition took time out to blast the Washington Post for quoting a letter from Communications Office Director Johnny Allem to Assistant U.S. Attorney Randall Eliason. In the letter, Allem criticized Eliason for decrying the early-out retirement bonuses given to police officers under investigation. Subsequently, the D.C. Council enacted emergency legislation to end the practice. But by simply reprinting the letters and omitting the dates, “the Post made it look as if Allem and the Mayor were against the legislation,” says Cityfax. The newsletter then posed the following question: “Wouldn’t the people in D.C. be better served if the Post stopped playing the blame game, stopped twisting the facts, and started playing a more constructive role?” One question deserves another: Wouldn’t District residents be better served if government workers spent less time talking about their hobbies, stopped blasting the media, and started delivering the services citizens are paying for?