WHILE I ENJOYED ALAN Green’s humorous column (“Diamond Mine,” 4/28), which proposed the absorption of prosperous Arlington County and the city of Alexandria by the District, I saw the seeds of a worthy idea. Rather than absorbing the District into Maryland (“Capitol County”?), why not create a new state that includes at a minimum Montgomery, Prince George’s, Fairfax, and Prince William Counties, as well as Arlington and Alexandria?

This new state (“The Commonwealth of Potomac”?) would be large enough to actually be a state, and would bring traditions of competent government and fiscal solvency so highly desired by many District residents. The new state would perhaps be capable of dealing with the District’s well-chronicled traditions of governmental recklessness and incompetence, which would overwhelm a smaller combination of jurisdictions and would support more effective regional planning for transportation, economic growth, and even sports areas. The objective of District statehood would be met.

My only fear is that the District’s politics which Washington City Paper covers so entertainingly might eventually become tame. Though not likely in our lifetimes.

Arlington Va., via the Internet