I AM FORCED TO ADDRESS Alison Green’s discontent with individuals choosing to exercise their right (The Mail, 4/28). Her ability to express her opinions using extensive vocabulary does not make her intelligent. An intelligent person would not continually drive home their point using an example of an event—in this case, the anti-marijuana-prohibition rally on April 1—that they did not even attend.

First, the attributes of hemp deserve discussion. However, only a small segment of the rally was spent “mutually masturbating over the virtues of hemp” as it was so tastefully described by Green. I know of no one who spent that time sexually satisfying themselves, let alone a large group.

Second, 100 people in tie-dyes does not accurately describe the crowd (although it was a Saturday and tie-dyes are not necessarily a social stigma). One reason we find “millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens rotting in prison because of a plant” is the unwarranted searches based on appearance. From Green’s tone, one would conclude that she feels these searches are justified. Perhaps she would enjoy my grandmother’s company.

Finally, individuals have the right to hold a peaceful protest if they have proper permits as U.S. citizens. Green has some nerve telling the individuals who compromised their fear of our government to voice their opinions on marijuana prohibition that they are hurting the movement. Anti-prohibitionists are not social coordinators, and events such as this are not intended to be social gatherings.

Bethesda, Md.